Purchase Agreement




P.O. Box 1933
Estacada, Oregon 97023

Mollett Victorian Bulldog “Pet Only” Purchase Agreement

Print the purchase agreement and return it completed to Brenda Kraft at the above address, along with a letter from your veterinarian, and your deposit (cashiers check only). All prices quoted in US Dollars.

A $500.00 Cashiers check is required to hold a puppy/dog and begin the purchase process. Please make checks payable to Brenda Kraft. In the note section specify the check is for a Mollett Victorian Bulldog puppy/dog. Once the check has cleared the bank I will send a receipt to you.  

2. Deposits are non-refundable. Should you decide not to purchase a puppy/dog after placing a deposit, you forfeit your deposit. If something happens to the Dam (mother dog) such as death or false pregnancy, the buyer may select from the next available litter. 

3. Mollett Victorian Bulldogs America always reserves the right to select first pick/picks from every litter.
Buyer’s choice of puppy is determined in order of purchase agreement, veterinarian’s letter, and deposit received. First requirements fulfilled, receives first choice after breeder, and so on. Buyer will receive photos of available puppies after a decision is made on breeder’s choice/choices. Buyer will be asked to make a selection within 48 hours. Final payment for the puppy is due before delivery or shipment of the puppy/dog will be made. 

4. Buyer agrees NO DOG will be used for fighting or any other illegal activities. Any such activities will be reported and result in legal action, and doing so is a breach of this contract and buyer must return the dog to the breeder/seller immediately at buyers expense.

5. Buyer agrees to provide proper veterinary care for the puppy/dog including vaccinations, annual checkups, and any emergency care as necessary.

6. Buyer agrees to provide a good quality diet, adequate exercise, and proper shelter for their puppy/dog.  

7. Your puppy/dog may have a microchip at time of delivery. If so the buyer agrees to keep all contact information current with the microchip registry. The owner, myself, and Tony Mollett will all have the puppy’s microchip number.  

8. The buyer agrees if for any reason they are unable to keep the puppy/dog it is to be returned to the breeder/seller at buyer’s expense. Buyer agrees this puppy/dog will not be sold to an agent or pet store, and will not be taken to any animal shelter or Humane society. Doing so is a breach of this contract and will result in the buyer paying any and all legal fees, and any other fees incurred by the breeder/seller to re-obtain possession of the puppy/dog. 

9. All shipping or transportation costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Breeder/seller will help coordinate shipping/delivery options with the buyer at the buyer’s expense. Buyer should be aware airline regulations and schedules can effect delivery options. Breeder/Seller will obtain an air travel approved shipping container for the puppy/dog, and any veterinary certifications required for shipping/delivery at the buyer’s expense. If the puppy/dog is to be shipped via airline travel buyer will be given the option for breeder/seller to purchase $1200.00 of insurance on the puppy/dog through the airline...cost is approximately $6.00

Mollett Victorian Bulldogs America guarantees the puppy/dog is healthy upon pick-up. We do not guarantee any dog not delivered in person, or picked up by the buyer. The buyer agrees to visit their veterinarian within 48 hours of taking possession of the puppy/dog to undergo a health examination. A written summary of the veterinary examination will be provided to the breeder/seller within 7 days of the examination.

Please fill in the information below indicating your puppy choice and litter. Sign and return the agreement along with a letter from your veterinarian, and your puppy deposit. (The veterinarian’s letter should be printed on letterhead from the clinic. The letter should state your history with the veterinarian and care of your past/current pets. If you are new to the vet and/or clinic please have the veterinarian provide us with contact information and the agreement they will treat your new puppy/dog for any and all routine and emergency care as necessary)


Purchase Price: $ _____________________________________________

I, the buyer, agree to these terms and the submission of this form holds me contractually binding.

Buyer Contact Information:

Buyer’s first name:_____________________________________________
Buyer’s Last name:_____________________________________________
Buyers Physical Address:_______________________________________

Buyer’s mailing address if different than the physical address:


Buyer’s phone Number:_________________________________________

Buyer’s Email address:__________________________________________

Buyer’s Signature:_______________________________________________

Sales Date:______________________________________________________

Authorized Mollett Victorian Bulldogs America Signature


Date of Signature:________________________________________________

​***Registration for your puppy/dog will be sent directly to you from Tony Mollett’s dog registry “Mollett Victorian Bulldog Society.” On occasion puppy registrations may be sent to me. If this happens, once I receive the registrations I will promptly forward them to the appropriate owners. All registrations will be signed by Tony Mollett.